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e-Series Ecodesigned Ambient Analyzers

e-Series Ecodesigned Ambient Analyzers

Dedicated to the measurement of regulated pollutants such as ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NO - NO2 and NOx), the e-Series analyzers have been specially designed to consider the environmental impacts of the product during its entire lifecycle. 

e-Series Ecodesigned Ambient Analyzers - A Responsible Investment

e-Series Ecodesigned Ambient Analyzers Recyclable Foam

  • The e-Series measurement modules are fitted in a closed cell 100% recyclable expanded polypropylene foam (EPP*) that has outstanding cushioning properties, high strength-to-weight ratio, efficient thermal and electrical insulation and provides easier access for service and maintenance, or for recycling at the end of the products life.
  • Polluting components have been fully eliminated: the O342e is the 1st ozone analyzer on the market which does not use a Mercury lamp as excitation source
  • As the lifetime energy use and environmental aspects have been taken into account during the conception and design phases, over 95% of each e-Series analyzer can be recycled.
  • The analyzers are very compact, lightweight and have a low carbon footprint: up to 82% less than other similar pollutant monitors on the market.
  • Engineered with breakthrough technologies, the e-Series achieve a previously unreachable level of autonomy: it also integrates self diagnosis and a high level of self-operation
  • Service assistant Inside: Each analyzer is self monitored continuously for performance and fault control: it detects early signs of trouble, identifies the service needed and even guides the service operations!

*EPP is 100% recyclable and does not support microbial growth. Manufacturing EPP requires no Volatile Organic Compounds, chlorofluorocarbon or other compounds that are recognized as most harmful to the environment.

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  • Ambient air quality monitoring

  • Indoor air quality continuous monitoring

  • Mobile and fixed monitoring stations

  • Traffic stations: near-road, tunnels, canyon streets

  • Medical gases measurements...

  • NO - NO2 measurement according to the European Directive 2008/50/CE

  • Sustainable eco-design

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Low power consumption

  • Long lifespan, excellent accuracy

  • Reliable electronics

  • Economic, easy and reduced maintenance

  • Common electronic boards: optimized spare parts stock

  • Interactivity: Smart, connected instruments. the ESA Connect™ user interface allows remote, simultaneous multichannel viewing and control of the monitor from any PC, tablet or Smartphone

  • Real-time animated synoptics, auto-diagnostic, control and maintenance data screens displayed while the instrument is operating…

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O342e - UV photometry LED based Ozone analyzer

  • US-EPA - Automated Equivalent Method : EQOA-0515-225

  • TÜV - certified to EN 14625 et EN 15267 Certificate N° 0000043106

  • Compliance with: EN 14625, EN 15267, ISO 13964, 40 CFR part 53 SUB B & SUB C

CO12e - Non dispersive Infra Red CO / CO2 analyzer

  • US-EPA - Automated Reference Method : RFCA-0915-228

  • TÜV - to EN 14626

  • Compliance with: EN 14626, EN 15267, ISO 4224, 40 CFR part 53 SUB B & SUB C

AF22e - UV Fluorescent SO2 analyzer

  • US-EPA - Automated Equivalent Method : EQSA-0802-149

  • TÜV - to EN 14212

  • Compliance with: EN 14212, EN 15267, ISO 10498, 40 CFR part 53 SUB B & SUB C

AC32e - Chemiluminescent NO-NOx & NO2 analyzer

  • Compliance with: EN 14211, EN 15267, ISO 7996,40 CFR part 53 SUB B & SUB C